Month: February 2023

  • The press again

    I would like to direct your attention to a brief article in Responsible Statecraft that sums it all up pretty well. That article is here. I think the writer states his case so succinctly, that there is really nothing more to add.

  • A brief look at gold mines

    Gold mines are worth gold, and wars are fought for them, as we know. See, below, a famous photo of a gold mine. See more of SebastiĆ£o Salgado’s photos of the mine Serra Pelada. The above photo and the others on the same site are not from 1895 or even 1905 or 1925 or 1955.…

  • Pipe me a Tune

    For a year now I’ve been wondering why the Norwegian authorities are so rabid about the Ukraine war. I mean, their faces don’t turn scarlet when they talk about the de facto genocide of the Palestinian people, the torture going on in Egyptian prisons or the suppression of women in Saudi Arabia. But Russia, now,…