A word on Ukrainian history

The events immediately preceding Russia’s entry into Ukraine have been the subject of furious debate (not in my country, true enough, where any scepticism regarding the dominant narrative is fiercely cancelled.)

I think those events have been made sufficiently clear, by now, for us to understand what happened and why it happened.

What has not been discussed much is: Just what is Ukraine? What is the history of Ukraine? Putin tried to give Tucker Carlson a crash course on the subject, but of course the powers-that-be define “whatever Putin says” as intrinsically wrong.

Now I happen to have read quite a lot of Russian history these past months, but rather than share my views with you, I warmly recommend an article by Craig Murrey who cogently explains a few salient points. In addition to touching upon historical aspects, he also has some refreshing advice regarding a solution to the conflict. I think some of us — myself included — have what you might call an attitude problem. So having read his article, I stand chastened.