A word or two about hoodwinklers

Need I tell you what I think of the ongoing extermination campaign in Gaza? I think not, so I won’t. (For anyone who happens to drop in on this site and who has not read my previous posts, I shall nevertheless point out, for the record, that Palestinians are humans, not vermin.)

Need I remind you that the extermination campaign is being aided and abetted by the USA and its European satellites, including my own country, Norway? I will add though, also for the record, that the Norwegian people are furious – yes, more than shocked – absolutely outraged, and solidly on the side of the Palestinians.

Now in case you think that I think that the Israelis are vermin, which would not be surprising in view of their actions, I hasten to urge you to please visit the very brave Israeli human rights site B’Tselem. I put to you that most Israelis have no idea of what Palestinians, particularly those on the West Bank and Gaza, have had to endure over the past 50 years.

On the basis of what we should have learnt recently, about how information is suppressed and distorted in the press and social media, about how outright lies are fed to us by the powers-that-be – allegedly to counter disinformation – we should not be surprised that the Israeli authorities have been hoodwinking the Israeli population. For details, see Chris Hedges piece here. After all, the US and its satellites have been hoodwinking their populations about quite a number of things, for decades. Remember Vietnam? Israel is taking hoodwinking a step further.

It should be ever more evident that the powers-that-be care not one jot about the “rule of law and Democracy”, not to mention Justice. They care about power. It is up to us, the ruled to make sure that they adhere to what we, whom they allegedly serve, actually want.

Alas, we have overslept.

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