Atttacks against humanity

We have just heard that the killings in Paris last night “are an attack against all humanity”. Indeed they are! They are loathsome, ghastly, cowardly acts of random cruelty. There is no obscenity that can fully convey my contempt for the intoxicated sadism that characterises such acts.

However, Mr Obama, did you or any of your predecessors ever state that the ghastly, cowardly, randomly cruel war on Iraq was an attack against all humanity?

Did the US ever pay war damages to the country they dismantled “in error” as it turned out?

Has it ever occurred to you, Mr Obama, or your allies, that the Palestine situation has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that talks, negotiations, etc. won’t get you anywhere if you are not formally a “nation state”, and if your counterpart is a US ally, no matter how unequivocal your rights. So fundamentalist Islamists don’t even consider negotiating, and frankly, who can blame them for that.

Western policies versus Islam are utterly and devastatingly failed! After the Sovjet débâcle in Afghanistan, the West should have learnt that no matter how much we dislike our medieval counterpart, we have to find some other way of solving differences than by trying to exterminate him.

After all, we are not perfect either. 

As for France: Frankly, Ms Le Pen has much to answer for, I believe, and should never have been allowed to spawn rabid racial hatred. I believe that in my country, she would have been behind bars a long time ago.

You will say this is not the time to criticise France. On the contrary, it is just the right time! The thing is, that what we do has consequences. What happened to the victims was not just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Please please remember that.