What’s the matter with those people? Running around the world shooting and killing as though they were a drug cartel…! The cartel barons in Washington take it into their heads to go off and bomb Jemen, and since self-gratification is Law for cartel barons, there is nothing to stop them from doing just that: bombing Jemen. Presumably to kill and intimidate. Have they been watching too many video games? Raised in the lap of luxury, most of them – spoilt brats, no doubt – they act as though stimulated by the drugs they are so fond of pretending to make war against. They are, in general, pathologically fond of making war – wars, I should say, because one war at a time apparently affords insufficient stimulation. To get really high, they might need a WWIII.

Killing is just a game to them, it seems, as demonstrated by the famous video footage referred to as “Collateral Murder“, made available to the public by the heroic, if not yet martyred, Julian Assange.

Anyway, the Washington barons are relatively close to home in Jemen, as it were, because they have no less than 120 military bases in Japan. Actually, I thought they had 130 bases there, but according to Al Jazeera, there are only 120. As you see, I know little about Japan, but I gather that after WWII, having murdered, at two swell swoops, approx 200 thousand mostly civilian Japanese, the USA imposed total demilitarisation on Japan. Article 9 of Japan’s Constitution, once Japan had been granted independence again in 1952, reaffirmed Japanese pacifism; a good thing, as it turned out, because the country’s scarce resources could be devoted to reconstruction.

Now I ask you: To what extent is a country with 120 US military bases and, according to Al Jazeera (which normally, if not during the Gaza stand-off, is pro-USA) 53,700 military personnel, a free country? 120 military bases is, or are, no joke. A German journalist referred to Japan as “USA’s aircraft carrier”.

For the record, I add that according to Al Jazeera, (by the way, not as at today, but as at 10 September 2021) the USA has 73 military bases in South Korea (Can you honestly blame Kim Whatsisname for his belligerent posturing?)

Do I want
a) China to conquer the world?
b) Russia to conquer the world?
c) the USA to conquer the world?

Replies: a) no, b) no, c) no

Do I think
a) China will attempt to prevent WWIII
b) Russia will attempt to prevent WWIII
c) The USA will attempt to prevent WWIII

Replies: a) yes, b) yes c) no

Do I think the USA is contributing in any meaningful manner to world peace? NO!!!