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  • Good reads

    My dog’s health is declining. I won’t go into detail, but the latest development is that she has started to limp, on alternating paws. One of these days, I shall have to take her to the vet’s for the final solution. She has had 12 good years and will have a painless death. I will […]

  • Crime

    A source of income for some, a means of revenge for others – for me and countless TV watchers, crime is just entertainment. Actually, I don’t watch all that much TV, not even crime, for various reasons, one of them being that what happens on the screen all seems a bit irrelevant. Not that I’m […]

  • Grave robbery in Sweden

    Of course, you don’t have to believe the common-law wife of the late Stieg Larsson. They’d been living together for more than thirty years when he died, but I’ll grant you any day that we can’t rule out that she’s a scheming bitch. I mean, all I know, except that “know” is a misnomer here, […]

  • Homage to András Schiff

    Though it is extremely unlikely, Mr Schiff, that you will ever find your way to this obscure Norwegian blog spot, I address whoever may be reading it in English, as what I am writing is intended for you. Or rather, not only for you; also for some of the people you hoped to reach when […]