Excerpt from a phone call

Interpellant: “… by the way, have you heard about the Greenwood massacre?”

Other: “… the Green…?”

I: “—wood. 1921”

O: “Oh, yes, now I remember! Tulsa, wasn’t it. I saw a horrifying documentary about it about a year ago. Apparently, after the police’s cold-blooded killing of that guy, you know – ‘I can’t breathe” – there was a reckoning of sorts, and the truth about the massacre finally started to seep through the cracks when somebody dug up a mass grave or something.

I: “Right. I only heard about it today. I’d never heard a word about it before. The New York Times wrote about it in 2020, I now see, and again in 2021 – a very low-keyed article, in view of the horrors. Apparently, kids in the US were never told about it at school. I wonder if that’s changed.

O: “Maybe in some communities…White supremacy is still going strong, I gather.”

I: “No insurance paid, no compensation, no arrests, no count of the dead… That’s Republican ‘Freedom’ for you! Guns and impunity!”

O: “Not so fast!”

I: “Since when are you defending—”

O: “I’m not defending – it’s just that blaming the Republicans for everything is not constructive! Besides, things are not so good in Europe either. Have you heard about the Melilla massacre in June this year?”

I: “I heard there was an incident—”

O: “—incident!!! Yes, I guess that’s what they call it. The Spanish at least have the decency to call it ‘La tragedia de Melilla’. However, the case is currently exploding in their national assembly. That’s how I learnt that the BBC has managed to recreate what happened in a remarkable documentary: Death on the Border. The so-called “incident” was premeditated mass slaughter! BBC made a particular point of demonstrating the premeditation.

In 2022! In Europe! Or rather “for” Europe. That is what it takes to keep Europe afloat, so to speak, to keep Africans off the raft.

Africa makes up 20 per cent of the world’s population and is responsible for only 3 per cent of global climate gas emissions. Yet, Africa is the continent that suffers most from climate change, so far. No wonder, Africans want out. But Europe, with all its “Democratic” values is willing to not only let them die from droughts and disease, but even – it turns out – to actively slaughter them.

Of course Spain, alone, is not to blame! Or even Morocco! This is highly unofficial EU policy.


Are you still there?