John Mearsheimer

Mr. Mearsheimer, who is a prominent expert on international relations, cf. Britannica, has been relatively uncommunicative since 2022, after the war he had warned about ever since 2014, started. Maybe he did not want to tell us “I told you so”. Or was his case perhaps one of not being allowed to tell us?

Like Jeffrey Sachs, Patrick Lawrence, Chris Hedges and other noted independent journalists, he has been forced to turn to the alternative media.

Here I merely wish to direct your attention to the Aaron Maté of the Greyzone’s interview with him on July 30 2023: The interview bears the title
John Mearsheimer: Ukraine war is a long-term danger“.

John Mearsheimer was right in 2014. He was right in early 2022. I think he may be right now. So I think we should listen to him. (There is a transcript of the text under the video link.)