Not the first time

Many people in Europe are wondering why the Biden administration has not long since arrested Israel’s sadistic excesses in Palestine.

The US propaganda machine has been running full speed since Eisenhower’s days, and we have all, in the USA and in Europe, been inculcated with a number of assumptions that simply don’t add up. Today, I have been looking at NED, the National Endowment for Democracy, to all appearances a formidably reputable NGO. (Please note that the “non-governmental” part of the acronym NGO does not mean that the NGO isn’t funded by a government.)

If you google NED you will have few doubts about its formidable reputability, since it’s hardly likely that you will have the patience to scroll so far down as to reach Grayzone‘s analysis, which is, however, well worth your time. Here is a short foretaste of it. The impression you get in the “foretaste” is that the NED Communication Director is honestly unaware of what NED really is.

What caught my attention today and the reason for my interest in NED was yet an example of the near hysterical man-hunt conducted here in Norway against people who voice certain opinions – most notably the view that the Ukraine war is a US proxy war. Glenn Diesen (see examples of his extensive research in, for instance, The Think Tank Racket, 2023) is one of the victims of the man-hunt. On Twitter he explains and demonstrates that he is being ostracised by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC), an organisation he maintains is funded by the NED. I checked: Yes, that is true. By NED and others. (Sadly, I see that “Reporteurs sans frontieres” are also sponsored by the NED, which is a bad sign. A very bad sign, indeed.)

Now, most of those who work for the NHC are probably unaware of any sinister connections between their organisation and their benefactors.

What is, however manifestly clear is that the views expressed in Aage Borchgrevink’s defamatory article about Glenn Diesen (posted by Glenn Diesen himself on Twitter) reflect a supremely and ludicrously Manichean attitude and are certainly not Democratic in spirit. I happen to know that Aage Borchgrevink is neither stupid nor ignorant enough to be able to claim naiveté as an excuse. He must have an agenda, though I do not pretend to know what that agenda is.

It may be that of NED and of successive US administrations. Of their agenda, however, there is plenty of evidence and documentation: It is to maintain and uphold US global military and economic hegemony, no matter the cost to Democracy, to human lives and human welfare. Unfortunately, this agenda is by extension also the agenda of US vassal states, including my own country, where ridiculing the accepted view that Putin is the devil incarnate is now considered morally reprehensible.

But in Norway and in the USA and probably even in the UK, we can still, (gracias a Dios) publish dissenting views in blogs and on small independent sites where truly investigative journalists post the results of their painstaking and underpaid research. The late John Pilger very aptly collectively referred to such sites as “samizdat“.

We can still publish books such as Glenn Diesen’s The Think Tank Racket, Tim Weiner’s Legacy of Ashes and, not least, Vincent Bevins’ The Jakarta Method. That freedom, I fear, will not last. Let us read, while we can before they start banning books.

Yes, let us read! And since we are now helplessly wondering why the USA, instead of stopping the ongoing genocide, seems determined at all costs to stop those who are trying to stop the genocide, let us read again The Jakarta Method. And please notice the book’s sub-title:

Washington’s Anti-Communist Crusade
& the Mas Murder Program that Shaped our World.

What I have learnt from that book is that Israel’s method in Palestine is no novelty to the USA. The USA actually invented it. So why should they “stop Israel’s sadism in Palestine”?

All members of the Norwegian press, including Aage Borchgrevink and also Jonas Bals (who writes for the erstwhile left-wing paper Klassekampen), should read the Jakarta Method and consider to what extent they are willing to defend US global military and economic hegemony by propagating Washington’s talking points and by defaming those who disagree with them. What are they willing to sacrifice? They should think about that, before it is too late.

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