Things are not looking good for Ukraine, but at least the country seems able to strike Russian oil depots and refineries, thus in effect striking the rest of us. All our efforts day after day – yours and mine – to reduce our carbon footprints are derisory compared to the output of a few hours’ conflagration in a refinery, be it Russian, Ukrainian or Middle Eastern.

Clinging to hope

In the Northern hemisphere, most of us make at least some effort to “help save our planet”. Many of us forego heating our dwellings in winter. We loyally wait for buses and trains rather than drive, cut back on meat consumption and plane trips … All for nothing, when all that oil goes up in flames.

The other day, I found myself admiring a beautiful website advocating ecologically sound policies for all of mankind, no less. It is unfinished, true, and some of the links go nowhere, but others convey earnest commitment and innocence. Whoever the “we” is, these people appear to believe that what they are doing makes a difference. In a sense they are right, inasmuch as I, least, was moved by their site.

However, I lack their faith. I believe that with the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza and USA’s complicity in it, very few people retain much faith in establishment. People grimly go about their business, look after each other as best they can, share a beer or three on Saturday night, but shake their heads when asked about the future.

All the same, grimness is not without strong points. Have you heard of VIPS, VETERAN INTELLIGENCE PROFESSIONALS FOR SANITY? It was founded, it seems by Ray McGovern, a brave man. I recommend the Wikipedia article about him (as at 27 Jan 2024). And, as we see when reading the wry

VIPS MEMO: To Biden — Avoid a Third World War,

Mr McGovern is not alone. I strongly recommend the VIPS MEMO (and I reproduce all the capital letters with great pleasure, as they are well-deserved by VIPS). I haven’t had such a good, healthy laugh for a long time as when I first read it.There might be something “rotten in the state of Denmark”, but fortunately, there are – in spite of mainstream media – forces for the good there, as well.

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