Rødt is the name of a Norwegian left-wing political party. It is the only political party that still advocates leaving NATO. The party maintains that NATO is not a defence alliance, but an alliance of nations vindicating US global hegemony. The party avers that NATO not so much solves as creates problems.

It is the only political party that has been, until now, opposed to Norway’s sending weapons to Ukraine – on the grounds that more weapons will not solve the underlying issues that lead to the war.

However, Rødt is at a crossroads. As we should all know by now, the mainstream media is anything but free, and its Manichean approach to the Ukraine war has been so consistent that few can resist what is, in point of fact, a NATO narrative. Who can fail to shudder, for instance, at a barrage such as the one in Guardian on 4 April 2022 regarding the Bucha massacre?

Now there have been some doubts about that massacre. For one thing the timeline seems dubious. Quite another matter is that the press and hence also the general public always immediately assume that if an atrocity has been committed, it must have been committed by the Russians or Jihadists.

Alas, even the last Norwegian holdout against NATO propaganda is folding. This weekend, a national Rødt conference may possibly decide to approve sending weapons to Ukraine.

In the event, this will have no practical consequences for Ukraine or the war. Norway sends weapons to Ukraine, with or without the approval of a relatively small political party. But it will have consequences for Norway, in that there will no longer be any Norwegian political opposition to the NATO narrative.

That would be very unfortunate.

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