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  • Good reads

    My dog’s health is declining. I won’t go into detail, but the latest development is that she has started to limp, on alternating paws. One of these days, I shall have to take her to the vet’s for the final solution. She has had 12 good years and will have a painless death. I will […]

  • Homage to The Intercept

    Let me admit at once that my news source is not normally The Intercept. I prefer a rather more chatty paper, one that is not too angry, one that helps me feel that I am a member of society, not a besieged and defenceless island. The problem is that most such papers need sponsors and […]

  • Rule of Law

    The other day a colleague who is familiar with my slightly subversive views maliciously presented me with a philosophical challenge: – How come you who so fervently believe in the rule of law defend people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? It is true that I passionately believe in the rule of law, defined by […]