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  • The oasis Chile

    The Social Democrat Salvador Allende was elected President of Chile in 1970, and again in 1973. His re-election in 1973, in spite of the United States’ destabilization activities (which effectively paralysed Chile) was the last straw for the U.S. and the Chilean upper class. The role played by the United States in the bloody 9/11 […]

  • Plebiscite – Apruebo

    There is absolutely nothing I can do about the shoot-out between Trump and Biden, other than to commiserate with US citizens in both camps who have had to watch their American dream go down the drain. Had I been a US citizen, I would have voted, sure, but as I am not, I do not […]

  • Chile on fire

    When Pinochet came to power, he gave the so-called Chicago Boys (economists inspired by Milton Friedman) a free rein in remodelling Chile’s economy. Also, he enacted a new and obviously controversial constitution. When Pinochet stepped down, the dictatorship ended, but the Pinochet constitution, enacted in 1981, is still in force. Moreover, the Chicago Boys’ neo-liberal […]

  • Can media ever be unbiased?

    Do you remember when you started having opinions of a political nature? I do. I was about 15 when I started taking an interest in international affairs. Let me admit that I was going to a very good international school. We were even trained to debate positions that we did not necessarily hold. We had […]

  • Once upon a time…

    Not so very long ago, there was a country where most of the people were very poor, and some were very well off. By dint of solidarity, self-sacrifice and organisation, the people who were very poor were able to elect a president who was actually willing do to his very best for them, even to […]

  • Sarin

    Nok en deilig sommerkveld. (Sommer? Det er 11. september!) En fet og vakker måne henger over tretoppene foran meg, og det er 9/11, 12 år etter angrepet på tvillingtårnene mm., som forårsaket 2997 dødsfall. Nok en deilig sommerkveld i fredelige Norge, dagen etter et stortingsvalg som ikke ga overraskende resultater, og det er på dagen […]