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  • The press again

    I would like to direct your attention to a brief article in Responsible Statecraft that sums it all up pretty well. That article is here. I think the writer states his case so succinctly, that there is really nothing more to add.

  • Inquisition

    So what if I were wrong. What if there was no US-supported coup in Ukraine in 2014? What if the Ukraine war is not a proxy war waged by the USA against Russia? Does that mean that such suspicions, such suggestions, such ideas should be banned from all mainstream and social media on the grounds […]

  • Deafening silence

    The USA has just given its citizens a great big Christmas gift – that of another 44 billion USD for the defence of Ukraine (bringing the total so far to approx 100 billion USD). US citizens must be thrilled. Russia will be spanked by Patriot missiles – aye, Russia will be spanked, period, and that […]

  • … and the information war continues

    The lesson should have been learnt a long time ago, back in 2013, when Edward Snowden revealed that the United States helps itself to just about any information it wants, about anybody. I won’t go into details about his assertions, as they are very beautifully explained and substantiated in his book Permanent Record. US surveillance […]

  • The rat is out of the hole

    You may have heard – and then again, you may not have – that Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt have issued an ultimatum against Qatar, the 13 so-called “demands” the country must meet within ten days, “or else”. If Qatar meets the demands, it will have ceased to be a state: It will […]

  • As far as watchdogs go …

    So, am I being watched? I mean, am I subject to more scrutiny on the part of western intelligence agencies than the average man and woman? Are you, who are reading me, being watched? Because we are all being watched, remember? Not only by the NSA, which appears to have assumed extra-judicial powers and which, […]