Tag: Julian Assange

  • Right to information in danger

    In country after country, critical press coverage is becoming risky. Very risky. It has always been risky in countries such as Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, China… If Julian Assange, an Australian national living in Europe, is extradited to the US, freedom of the press will have become a figment of the imagination also […]

  • Good and Evil

    Have you read “Bleak House”? To my mind this was Charles Dickens’ very best novel. In fact, to my mind, this is one of the very best works of fiction ever written and possibly the best I have ever read. Nevertheless, it is far from perfect. Dickens is reported to have treated his wife appallingly, […]

  • Den frie pressens frihet

    Han er blond. Han setter seg ut over reglene. Han har i en periode tiltrukket seg massiv media- oppmerksomhet fra hele verden. Han fremstiller seg som en selvoppofrende idealist. Nei, ikke han du tenker på, men Julian Assange. Interessant, ikke sant, hvor smal den stien er som helter går på. Tråkker helten feil, er han/hun […]