Tag: Naomi Klein

  • Taxes

    Do you pay taxes? I bet you do unless you are unemployed. Basically, in order to avoid paying taxes, you have to be very well-to-do. Of course, you could try good old-fashioned tax evasion and risk getting caught. But you’d better be sufficiently well-healed to employ a battery of lawyers to protect you in court. […]

  • Please, please, please turn the ship around

    Janet doesn’t want to have children because she cannot bear the thought of the future she imagines would await them. Her mother angrily tells her not to be “so silly!” though she cannot explain what’s so silly about her daughter’s well-founded fears. The fifteen-year-old in the house next door is playing truant today, to go […]

  • Høna eller egget?

    Hvorfor tar pelshvalen sånn på vei, spør du kanskje. Vi har sommer og fint vær, ikke sant? Vi lever godt, ikke sant? Vi må være takknemlige for at vi har det så godt, ikke sant? Greit, vi må være takknemlige for at vi ikke bor for eksempel i Syria, helt klart, eller i USA (hvor […]