Tag: Saudi Arabia

  • Royals

    At a time when news outlets are preoccupied by the fate of imprisoned princesses and fleeing princes and duchesses, I feel called upon to bring to your attention another piece of news about royalty. In light of the fact that US authorities seem reluctant to take punitive action against the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin […]

  • Pressefrihet i Norge

    I disse dager har en rekke land, anført av Saudi-Arabia, iverksatt økonomiske, militære og diplomatiske tiltak (les blokade, boikott) mot Qatar. Utgangspunktet er et ultimatum bestående av 13 krav. Ett av kravene er at Al Jazeera må stenges ned. Det kan tenkes at du ikke leser nettsiden til Al Jazeera og ikke ser på Al […]

  • Whose dirty socks, mine or yours?

    My mission is not to tell you that you-know-who is fabulously ignorant, since I’m sure that whoever reads these pages will be more than aware of that. Nor is it a matter of honour for me to convince you that his ignorance is his most endearing quality. My mission is, rather, to point out that […]