Tag: Snowden

  • Taxes

    Do you pay taxes? I bet you do unless you are unemployed. Basically, in order to avoid paying taxes, you have to be very well-to-do. Of course, you could try good old-fashioned tax evasion and risk getting caught. But you’d better be sufficiently well-healed to employ a battery of lawyers to protect you in court. […]

  • The test

    I hear on the news that Edward Snowden is taking my country to court, or rather, he is asking the judiciary of my country to consider what his rights would be as a visitor to Norway. I find the question fair and timely. Much as I keep insisting that the rule of law is, by […]

  • Rule of Law

    The other day a colleague who is familiar with my slightly subversive views maliciously presented me with a philosophical challenge: – How come you who so fervently believe in the rule of law defend people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? It is true that I passionately believe in the rule of law, defined by […]

  • As far as watchdogs go …

    So, am I being watched? I mean, am I subject to more scrutiny on the part of western intelligence agencies than the average man and woman? Are you, who are reading me, being watched? Because we are all being watched, remember? Not only by the NSA, which appears to have assumed extra-judicial powers and which, […]

  • Everybody does it

    Of course I cannot be silent about an issue that seems to have jolted the planet. I will not be silent even though the matter has had its fair share of press coverage – and thank goodness for that! I want to join the chorus of angrily clamouring voices from all over the globe, although […]