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  • Caution

    I have written elsewhere on this site that we all should do our utmost to form a protective ring around the “Reporters sans frontiers” (RSF) and other journalists who risk their necks to tell us what is going on. At the same time, I abhor those who kill, maim or otherwise persecute people on the […]

  • Lost causes

    There are at least two interesting aspects of Naomi Alderman’s what-if novel The Power. One is that if women, somehow or other, miraculously gain the upper hand and get used to calling the shots, they will be no better, though possibly not much worse, than men are now. The other is that this novel is […]

  • The kids

    And now they are blowing up Germans! When western kids are frustrated, they tend to go on drugs or destroy themselves some other way. The past couple of weeks’ young killers in Germany seem to be of a different metal. Having somehow survived the ordeal of getting to Europe, partly by sea, trekking through woods, […]