One of the things we should not do – and I mean NOT – is to fail to notice a rather sinister business super-deal looming on the horizon. As we know, big business has a way of devising smart ways of making money and of disregarding all consequences for the physical and social climate on our globe.

When I was a child, I was taught in school that our politicians, government and even big business, mostly, all work for the common good. Now the thing about furry whales, a species to which I belong, is that they can grow very old, and in the end they all reach the point where they have seen just about everything before. Many times, even. So they know that neither politicians, nor governments, and least of all big business, care about the long-term common good (neither do voters, for that matter), and many of them hardly even care about the short-term common good.

You on your part may have been told, when you were a child, that God looks after us, and that everything will work out in the end. Far be it my intention to judder your personal faith, but please consider that your God may – unlike our politicians, government and even big business – have very long-term goals indeed, so long-term, in fact, that cleaning up the planet could mean starting all over again, with uni-cellular organisms.

There is little I can tell you, so far, about TTIP. In fact what little there is to tell is, according to the Guardian’s article What is TTIP and why should we be angry about it? so boring that you will fall asleep if I try, though the article itself is far from boring. (Did you, for instance, know there was an “international coefficient of tedium”, and that it is 25.7?)

All I will say, is that TTIP is the last thing our planet needs just now.


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