I’ll be taking a break now for a while. I have to devote some time elsewhere, in my own language, which is Norwegian.

Besides, as far as I’m concerned, there’s not much more to be said about the Ukraine war and the lies we so relentlessly are being spoon-fed by the mainstream press. There is not much more to be said, either, about the genocide being committed by Israel, the USA and the EU who are, moreover, virtually begging Iran to start world war III …, no, I’d better say no more.

It’s all so psychopathic that if I say anything else, I’ll be guilty of “hate crime”, and I would rather not go to jail.

I will however take the liberty of quoting Australia’s former Prime Minister Paul Keating. He was referring (in 2023) to NATO and to my country’s former Prime Minister:

Exporting that malicious poison to Asia would be akin to Asia welcoming the plague upon itself. With all of Asia’s recent development amid its long and latent poverty, that promise would be compromised by having anything to do with the militarism of Europe – and militarism egged on by the United States.

Of all the people on the international stage the supreme fool among them is Jens Stoltenberg, the current Secretary-General of NATO. Stoltenberg by instinct and by policy, is simply an accident on its way to happen. In February he was drawing parallels between Russia’s assault on Ukraine and China saying, ‘we should not make the same mistake with China.’ That is, that China should be superintended by the West and strategically circumscribed.

Stoltenberg, in his jaundiced view, overlooks the fact that China represents twenty per cent of humanity and now possesses the largest economy in the world. And has no record of attacking other states, unlike the United States, whose bidding Stoltenberg is happy to do.

As for the suppression and criminalisation of anti-Zionism in the USA and EU, it is better dealt with in the affected countries. (Norway has fortunately taken a different tack on that score at least.) In the USA, I think the most powerful voice against the suppression of dissident views, including not least anti-zionism, is Glenn Greenwald’s. I very warmly recommend Glenn Greenwald’s channel on Rumble.

My greater worries now, however, concern recent dramatic developments in my own country (no doubt with pressure from the “supreme fool”, the “accident waiting to happen” mentioned by Paul Keating): what to my mind is the virtual handover of Norway’s sovereignty to the USA. You will find very little information about this online. The press dares hardly whisper. Agreements have been signed according to which Norway gives the US the right to establish military bases in Norway’s 12 main military stations – bases in which the US will have exclusive right of access. There are those who maintain that the US armed forces will be able to carry on in Norway as though they were at home. It is reputed, for instance, that if any US citizen or members of his or her family commits a criminal act in Norway, he or she will not be prosecuted here; If a Norwegian citizen inadvertently trespasses on US security zones (in Norway!), for instance during the transportation of troops, the US forces may open fire on him/her.

Norwegian authorities will not have the right to inspect these bases, and nothing guarantees that nuclear weapons will not be stored there. We have long followed US orders in the matter of foreign policy, we are now finally a US puppet, virtually an occupied state, but nobody is rushing to defend us against the USA.

So I shall have to write elsewhere for a while, and in Norwegian.