Joe Biden and Israel have turned international law into toilet paper. Hamas knew, of course, that Israel would bomb the Shifa hospital, which is why they were NOT hiding there. Anyway, there is nothing more to be added.

Nothing. No further monstrosity can outdo what has been done. The ink in my pen has run dry. The voice in my throat rendered a mere croak.

I urge you, therefore, to turn to those who still have a voice.

In the article linked to below, Chris Hedges writes:

We are not hated for our values. We are hated because we have no values. We are hated because rules only apply to others. Not to us. We are hated because we have arrogated to ourselves the right to carry out indiscriminate slaughter.

We are hated because we are heartless and cruel. We are hated because we are hypocrites, talking about protecting civilians, the rule of law and humanitarianism while extinguishing the lives of hundreds of people in Gaza a day, including 160 children.

Patrick Lawrence writes about Israel’s ongoing information war and what all these information wars are doing to us:

It is a fine thing that fewer and fewer people are taken in by the psyops and propaganda blitzes of the national security state, the corporate media, and ruthless — indeed Hitleresque, I shall say it — regimes such as Israel’s.

But to live in a world in which one believes nothing of what is said is its own kind of misery. It is effectively a surrender of all public discourse and public space altogether to the malign, the indecent, the inhumane, the degraded and degrading. The truth, and along with it logical thinking and plain decency, become “alternative.”

Indeed! Take a look at the footage Patrick Lawrence includes in his article of the colossal demonstration in London last week and his linked article examining Hamas’ attack on October 7.

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