Land of no return

I watched the news today. Usually, I just read the news, but there was something I wanted to see, so I watched. Yes, I saw the news item I wanted to see. Afterwards, however, that news item was followed by news from Gaza.

It is bad enough reading about people being killed. But seeing people being killed is an entirely different matter. Meanwhile a toneless voice was saying that people are being operated without anaesthesia, and – the voice droned on as dead or dying kids were being carted this way and that – even without analgesics. I did not hear the rest of what he said, because I had switched off the damned television.

I just sat there, cold with horror. And then, as the blood started coursing through my veins again, I felt hot tears coursing down my cheeks, and only then did I realise what it was that was coalescing inside me: Hatred. Hatred against the people who are doing this, hatred against the people who are continuing to do this, again and again and again in cold – lizzard-cold – blood.

So many dead, so much suffering, such unbelievable evil.

I have calmed down now, but I wonder: If I, who am basically a pacifist, feel hatred against Zionism, how will other people feel who are not pacifists? Does President Biden really think that aiding and abetting this terrible crime against humanity in lizard-cold blood will help Israel in the long run? Surely he doesn’t think it will stop terrorism? I mean, he’s not stupid, is he? Or is he?

Let me tell you Mr Biden: Norwegian folk-tales are populated by many strange and scary creatures, among them trolls. I am sure you have heard of trolls. Well, the trolls, you see, have a curious asset you may or may not have heard of: If you cut off the head of a troll, he will grow a new one, and not only one, three! And for each of the three heads you cut off, he will grow three more. That’s the sort of thing you are dealing with, Mr Biden.

Hatred is not a smart think to nurture, Mr Biden. And you are nurturing hatred, Mr Biden, in a very big way.