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  • Back to Palestine

    While the war in Ukraine has engulfed most of our attention, the plight of Palestinians in Gaza, the occupied territories, and Jerusalem has grown dramatically worse. Almost every day, one or multiple Palestinians are killed. The paragraph I just wrote is no different from what you might read in any mainstream paper. What is missing […]

  • Anger

    I am just a common inhabitant in a country of just five million – just one country of 195. I live in the West – i.e. the part of the world that makes up just 15 per cent, or so, of the world’s population. Countries in the West take orders from an infinitesimal minority of […]

  • This is Apartheid

    There isn’t much good news going around, but when a prominent Israeli humanitarian organisation uses the word, maybe people will finally listen. No need to expound. BTSELEM explains it all very clearly here:https://www.btselem.org/publications/fulltext/202101_this_is_apartheid Please do read the entire report. It’s important to understand on what grounds the word is found to be applicable. Here is […]

  • Angel of Peace

    That unbelievably silly and vainglorious man has done it again. The so-called Middle East Peace Plan, so blatantly in contravention of international law, makes it ever more obvious that the rest of us need to get out of NATO double quick before western civilization implodes as a result of the US’s continuous disregard for the […]

  • Norway on the UN Security Council?

    Norway is campaigning for a seat on the UN Security Council. However, the country has a problem in that respect: the nature of its relations with Israel. Israel and Palestine have been locked in a conflict that has been at the crux of the unrest in the Middle East ever since Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, but […]

  • Ship to Gaza

    The Gaza Strip is populated by nearly two million people and is often referred to as a “prison”, as it has been subjected to a brutal Israeli blockade for 12 years. The blockade is in contravention of international law. The humanitarian situation for the inhabitants of Gaza is nothing if not desperate. I know of […]

  • 52 shot dead today in Gaza…

    … and still counting. The emperor and his henchmen seem determined to unleash a new world war. I am not, for the moment, referring to the latest insults against Iran (though the gods above know there is reason to). I am asking myself: Where does he want all the Palestinians to go? Does he expect […]

  • Jerusalem

    The website of El Pais had an unusual headline this morning, one that seemed to suggest an alliance between the Pope and Iran: “El Papa e Irán se unen al intento de evitar que Trump lleve la Embajada a Jerusalén“. Later in the day, El País changed the headline, but the fact remains that Iran […]

  • Even in Israel

    I would like to stress that only 57 percent of the respondents of an Israeli survey found that it was OK to shoot and kill an incapacitated Palestinian lying on the ground. The other 43 per cent found that it was not OK at all, and that the soldier who did the killing, the executing, […]