On this day

It’s Christmas Eve. “Palestinian Christians refuse to celebrate Christmas.” “Churches in Bethlehem have cancelled activities.” Several churches and hospitals have been bombed.

Faithful to my promise to not look away, I go to the news to see what is happening in Gaza: UPI, AP and Reuters tell us virtually nothing. And yet, there is a genocide going on!

But most people living in the USA and Europe simply don’t know it.

Unless you watch Al Jazeera, you might not even know it. You might think I’m exaggerating. After all, Biden doesn’t recognise it, and most governments loyal to the US don’t recognise it either. Shame on them!

But go to Al Jazeera (television). What we are seeing there, what we are hearing stymies all logical thinking. In addition to the “more than 20 thousand” killed, “at least 50 thousand” have been maimed for life and there are almost no medical supplies, the health workers who haven’t yet been killed are working under impossible conditions. The hospitals have been bombed … and just look at the place! Rubble. All rubble. At least 101 journalists have been killed.

Such evil takes your breath away.

Two million people are starving and without sufficient water. What water there is, is unsafe and lots of people are vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea.

And of course the West Bank (not Gaza) saw at least 208 people killed this year by settlers or soldiers before October 7. Since then… do we even have any numbers. Nobody is watching the West Bank now because of Gaza. Many of the victims on the West Bank were Christians, by the way.

And the USA is letting it happen. I ask myself: How much of the US support and military aid to Israel’s campaign of ethnic cleansing is due to lobbying and political pressure from Christian Zionists (i.e. evangelicals)?

What will the world be like after this abhorrent deed? Will more nations start killing off minorities now that the USA with its “rule of law” condones such actions?

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